No class Thursday April 26th to Sunday April 29th due to CYO retreat


Thursday, 4/26, at 5:30 pm – take all the mats, including stacks on the shelves and load them into the truck. To do it reasonably quickly, we need at least 8 people. Nick will bring the truck to the dojo and drive it to CYO the following day – thank you, Nick!
Friday, 4/27, at 1:30 pm – offload the mats and set them up at CYO. The schedule says that the training starts at 3, so I think that laying mats a little earlier will be great.
Sunday, 4/29, at approximately 5 pm – offload the mats, put them on the shelves, make dojo ready for training. If we have at least 8 people there, we can do it quickly.
Of course, there will be a lot of cleaning, folding, and hauling at the retreat on Sunday. As always, all Retreat attendees participate in the cleanup.
For people not attending the Retreat, you are very welcome to come as well :-). Please keep in mind that there will be no training Thursday through Sunday.
We are also planning to stack the mats we train on after the class on Wednesday, right after the 4th kyu test.
Thank you very much!